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Friday, July 31, 2009

As It Should Be

Two weeks ago, I got sick. No one knows what was wrong with me, but it was awful. Not awful because I was sick, which was awful, but awful because I had to go to the vet, which was the most awful thing ever. They put all my leashes on me and then put a big cloth muzzle around me so that when the doctor stabbed me violently with that big needle, I couldn't defend myself. And they took my blood. And made me stay there for two hours, which in dog time is like more time that it takes to eat a whole Nylabone!

Anyway, I was trying to get the muzzle off and I scratched my face up good. I got blood all over the place, which I didn't care about, but my human did. Finally we got to go home, and then it took about a week for me to finally get over that trauma and they took me back for another visit.

This time I was feeling better, so I was ferocious.

As I should be.

All the other dogs, and all the vets and vet techs were scared of me.

As they should be.

Everyone was scared of me. But they still gave me shots. And my human shot some pink liquid up my nose, which really pissed me off for about a second, and then I forgave her. I always do.

It's how it should be.

So now, I look out the window and I want to go out, and I want to go bye-bye, but I don't want to go back to the vet, so I'm torn.


It looks like fun out there, and there are lots of humans and animals to chase. Especially those little humans who live next door and stand in front of my windows, taunting me. I'd REALLY like to chase them around for a while.

But I don't want to end up back at the vet if we go outside. So for now I'll just stand here and watch. And I'll stay inside where it's safe and I'm protected I can protect my human.

As it should be.

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What a sweet, sweet face...

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