Doggie Extraordinaire

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Making the Couch Dog-Friendly

As with all furniture in the house, it is essential for us dogs to claim the couch as our own from the humans who would seek to steal it from us. Part of the claiming process involves dogifying it with our hair and secretions. No one needs a lesson in that, I'm guessing, so I'll move on to dog comfort.

Cushions are for humans.

We don't need no stinking cushions! Kick it to the floor! Patooey!

Lay down. Get a feel for it. Take a nap. Enjoy the couch as the designer intended. If the designer didn't want you to toss the cushion on the floor, why do they come off? Sometimes the cusions on surrounding couch segments make for nice pillows. This is a personal choice.

Your human is so linear in thought that she probably will laugh and make a big deal about your new sleeping habits. I still don't know what the big deal is.

The true test of a perfect fit is if it makes you drool in your sleep.

See? Perfect!