Doggie Extraordinaire

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


My human sometimes says the magic word: "bone." She'll say, "Where's your bone?" or "I'm gonna get your bone!" This means we play! And this means I get to win, because I always win.

But just that word..."bone"...makes my eyes get big and my ears and tail perk up. Did she say bone?

Then the challenge is to find the bone before she does. I hide my bones in REALLY AWESOME hiding spots, and she can never find them. Sometimes I can't find them either. Is it on the counter?

Nope. What am I going to do now? She wants to play Bone and I can't find it.

OH yeah! I remember! I hid it in my favorite, most super secret spot! She'll NEVER FIND IT! It's under the table! Wait, I'll have to go check, subtly, so she doesn't know that I know where it is.

Mmm-hmm, it's still there. I don't think she knows. I'll just stand here looking like I have no idea where the bone is. I'm good at playing innocent.

Maybe I should go sit on the couch to look less knowledgeable. It's hard to hide genius like mine. It will leave the bone exposed, but she'll never find it.

HEY, SHE FOUND IT! And now the game begins!

She tosses it to me and then I chew on it on my couch.

My human taunts me saying, "I'm gonna get that bone!"

I say, "NO YOU'RE NOT! IT'S MINE!" Only I think when I talk it comes out sounding more like, "Grrrrrrrrrrrrr."

Sometimes she gets it away from me, but tonight I got to chew on it for a while. I win. I always win.

When I get tired of playing Bone, I go hide it again in one of my awesome hiding spots that no one can find. But since she just found it in my best spot under the table, I'll have to resort to an inferior spot. But they're all awesome, it's just that I'll have to find a spot just a smidge less awesome. And I'll have to trick her first.

I think I'll hide it at the bottom of the stairs, but I have to distract her somehow first.

That's right, Human, I'm hiding it at the TOP of the stairs. *Wink*

Here, now that she thinks I'm going to put it upstairs, I'll close my eyes so that she can't see where I'm putting it.

Okay, now I have to hide it really well. Hmm, how shall I place it?

There! That's perfect! She'll never find it now.

NO! I will not tell you, no matter what you threaten me with. That bone is hidden and you will never find it. And I will never tell. Unless you give me a cookie.

See, that's a game of Bone played well! My human is exhausted, I'm ready for a nap, the couch is torn up and the bone is hidden so great that no one will ever find it.

Very fun. You should try it.