Doggie Extraordinaire

Friday, July 06, 2007

My Favorite Things

The other day, my human gave me a rawhide that she said was a gift from Aunt Marina. I think I remember Aunt Marina. I barked at her. I bark at everyone. But she still gave me some rawhide. Maybe I should rethink this barking at everyone policy.

Nah. Barking is good. Barking is my favorite thing!

Anyway, my human gave me the rawhide gift and I'm not one to turn down a good chew toy. Rawhides are so awesome! Rawhides are my favorite things! More favorite than barking!

Oh, the only thing better than a rawhide is a BEEF-FLAVORED rawhide! What a tasty treat! Beef rawhides are my favorites!

But the rawhide doesn't get eaten until much later. For the next week, it is a tug-o-war toy, at which time I will let my human think that she is stronger than me so that she gets the rawhide away and throws it. Going to get the flying rawhide is my favorite thing! Then we can play tug-o-war again. Wait, maybe that's my favorite thing. I always forget. I have so many favorite things!

I have to be careful of her big, fleshy fingers. My teeth could slice one off without much of an effort on my part. My teeth rock! My teeth are my favorite things!

Hmmm, this tug-o-war and fetch game is exhausting, Human. Maybe we could just sit together for a while, while I chew on my rawhide. You're wearing me out!

My bed is a waterbed, and though it drives me crazy because I can't drink the water, it is quite comfortable. And when I lay on it and chew my rawhide, the bed makes waves that are very enjoyable. I think my favorite thing is to lay on the bed and chew rawhide.

Oh, I dropped the rawhide. Darn. I guess it's going to remain on the floor now because I'm not fetching again.

Maybe I'll just roll over. My human has this big stack of books, notebooks and stuff on my bed all the time, but it doesn't matter. I'll lay right on top of it all.

Do you think, Human, you could rub me in that spot I like on the top of my head? You know it's my favorite spot!

Ahh, much better! I'm just going to get comfortable here. Feel free to do what you need to do, just don't touch the rawhide!

Sleep is good. Sleep is my favorite thing! Sleeping on my waterbed with my human nearby, and she is NOT touching my rawhide, now that's my favorite thing.

Zzzzzzz... thanks, Marina... zzzzzzzzzz... rawhide good... sleep good... zzzzzzzzzz... my favorite things... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...