Doggie Extraordinaire

Monday, November 20, 2006


My human got me a new present, and it's not my birthday OR Christmas! I'd licked, scratched, shed on, dominated and drooled all over the previous couch sufficiently and was in need of a new couch to call my own. And lookie what I got!

My couch!

Yep. It's mine. All mine.

Doesn't it look good on me? It brings out my eyes.
You were NOT thinking of sitting on this couch, were you?
You do know this is MY couch, do you not?

See how small this gigantic couch makes me look?
That's how a couch should be!

Could you maybe get me a bone?
I'm kinda comfortable here but I would
so like to have something to chew.

What was that?! Is someone coming?
They are NOT going to sit on my couch!

I even chew my bones on the couch.
I may never leave it. Typical guy, huh?

But I'm still in touch with my feminine side.
Look how well it matches me!
This couch and I were meant to be together!