Doggie Extraordinaire

Friday, December 19, 2008


I don't mind the cold. I'm a dog and I'm covered in fur, so cold isn't such a big deal to me. But what I don't like is anything wet. Snow, rain, baths, all of it is bad. It gets in my fur, in between my toes, and then I have to lick myself clean and dry for hours and hours and hours afterward. It's terrible. It's so like work, and work is for humans! Patooey!

My humans took me outside to play today, and it was nice and cold out, but there was so much snow. It was everywhere.

I sniffed around. Is it really that cursed snow stuff or just pretend snow?

Hmmm, smells like snow. Maybe I can walk in it anyway and it won't bother me.

Oh, there's so much of it, I can walk right on top of it! This isn't so bad.

OOF! I sunk in! It's up to my naughty bits!

Get me out of here!

I don't like this. Don't make me go in there again.

OH YEAH! I remember this game! Kick the Snow! I love Kick the Snow! I'll get it!

Ah, it's getting away! Must jump higher!

It's going that way! OH NO! Into the snow again!

Driveway is better. Whew!

Hey! He's kicking the snow again! I got it! I got it!

Grrrrrrrrrr! I'm so good at this! Must punish snow for making me wet!

I've been tricked back into the snow again! MUST! GET! AWAY!

I'm already in the snow and you're kicking snow too? I can't handle all this snow!

Peanuts dance!

Snow: fun if you can stay out of it and just catch it when it's flying in the air.